.Within the framework of the INGRiD project, the Centro per […]

Within the framework of the INGRiD project, the Centro per la Cooperazione Internazionale carried out five focus groups with some groups that are most exposed to episodes of discrimination, exclusion and violence, in order to bring to light the dynamics of discrimination at a local level in Trentino with an intersectional view. This process aims to produce knowledge on the territorial context starting from the generally unheard voices of marginalised subjects or those neglected by current public policies and power dynamics. By centering the voices that are generally relegated to the margins, this document aims to shed light on those situations of exclusion, vulnerability and marginality that have not yet been adequately addressed and dealt with, to provide information on partly unknown territorial dynamics, to highlight some elements of stereotyped imaginaries that feed discrimination, to enrich through the intersectional perspective the work carried out by territorial organisations committed to fighting discrimination and to spur the action of local institutions towards the promotion of inclusive public services.

Full report in Italian.

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