As part of the activities related to the INGRiD project, the Report offers an interpretation of the main challenges that the intersectional perspective poses to the understanding and contrasting of discrimination phenomena. With particular focus on the territories involved in INGRiD, the report ex- plores how the intersectional dimension affects discriminatory phenomena and how it is handled by the social actors involved in the field of inclusion. The first part deals with intersectionality as a cross-disciplinary field of study and its possible impact on new research methodologies and the interven- tion in complex and plural social fields. In the second part, intersectionality is discussed as an interpretative key of the discriminatory phenomena de- tected on the territories and as an intervention approach according to the perspectives and experiences of social professionals actively involved in the field. Finally, the intersectional analysis of marginalisation is immersed in the educational context by analysing the points of view and experiences of teachers and young teenagers. The conclusions focus on possible ap- proaches to the fight against intersectional discrimination both in social and cultural intervention (training, education, and citizenship awareness).


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